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Flight attendant’s trick for avoiding unwanted advances on the job

Flight attendant’s trick for avoiding unwanted advances on the job

A flight attendant has taken to TikTok to share her tips and tricks for avoiding unwanted advances while on the job. 

For her biggest and most lauded hack, Taylor, who shares videos under the username @flywithtay, admits she wears a fake engagement ring to prevent travellers from hitting on her.

In a video she shared, she flaunts her ring on camera as she walks down the aisle of an aeroplane. 

She has captioned the post, "Flaunting my fake Amazon engagement ring at work to keep the creeps away."

In the video description she adds, "Works like a charm."

The video welcomed a flood of comments from women who feel forced to adopt similar tactics in their lines of work. 

"I'm in healthcare, I do the same thing lol," says one commenter.

"Divorced and do this when I go to a work conference," another admits, while another says, "It's so sad we have to do this."

One viewer asked if Taylor ever flirts with customers, to which she responded, "I don't flirt with passengers, but that's just me. I can't speak for everyone."

During the back and forth in the comments of the video, Taylor said she is already dating her "perfect guy" so isn't worried she will miss the opportunity to meet someone on a flight.

One person also commented, “Respectful men will notice. It’s the creeps who won’t care.”

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