The 4 things you will ALWAYS find in a cruise expert's suitcase

The 4 things you will ALWAYS find in a cruise expert's suitcase

1. Highlighter

Believe it or not, a highlighter on a cruise is not that common to come across – so pack one! Cruises always hand out programs, itineraries and other handy pamphlets and it will be easier to highlight things of interest to you. All the papers you receive really add up, so while this tip may seem silly – it WILL help!

2. Ziplock bags / plastic bags

Snacking is a common occurrence. If you’re travelling with children, they may get peckish while on the islands, in the rooms or by the pool so pack a few little snacks in a ziplock bag at the buffet so they never need to leave your sight.

Plastic bags are also a big help for any wet clothes or towels you don’t have the chance to wash or dry out while on your cruise.

3. Refillable water bottle

This tip is a must as water bottles cost a lot on the ship! While water itself is free as well as some juices, having a water bottle will be the lifesaver you didn’t know you needed while lying underneath the sun or while on the islands.

4. Lanyard

Lanyards are very handy when you’re onboard as the whole ship is cashless – you will have to pay for everything with a cruise-given card. So instead of paying $8-10 at the cruise shops, bring your own (it is a lot cheaper if you’re a big group).

What are some of the little things you pack in your suitcase for a cruise? Let us know in  the comments below.