Hero jogger rescues family pets from burning home

Hero jogger rescues family pets from burning home

Image: Youtube 

A good Samaritan has been caught on a California home's Ring security camera rescuing a cat, a rabbit and two dogs from a stranger's house.

The hero, who has since been identified as Paul Murphy, was jogging past on the street when he saw smoke surrounding the family home.

The homeowners, who were not home at the time, had no idea what was happening nor that their four pets were in danger until Murphy contacted them through their Ring surveillance camera.

Courtney Polito, one of the homeowners, said she saw Murphy "running back and forth" on their porch.

"So I answered it and he said, 'Hello, do you see there's smoke coming out of the top of your house?'" Polito said.

Polito proceeded to share the home access code with Murphy as smoke alarms started going off.

Murphy then ran in and out of the house to save the Politos' four pets. Had Murphy not helped when he did, the family would have lost everything.

"The fire department said 10 more minutes and the house would have been gone," Polito said.

Polito's husband, Tony, also told the outlet that to enter a stranger's house when it's on fire to rescue pets "takes a certain type of person."

Murphy was able to get out of the house by the time firefighters arrived to extinguish the fire, but it's unclear what Murphy did in the meantime with the animals.

Courtney Polito said she is looking forward to showing Murphy how grateful she and her family are for his help, and is looking forward to giving him "a hug.