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The best ways to exercise outdoors

The best ways to exercise outdoors

There are more ways to take advantage of the outdoors than just BBQs and caravan trips. Here are some of the best ways you can get into shape while enjoying our beautiful country.

Trail running – If you’re a runner, there’s no reason you need to stick to the pavement or treadmill. Next time you need to get your cardio fix, hit the trails or the beach. You’ll get to take in nature and the softer surface can also have less impact on your joints than concrete.

Tennis – Work those arms and get in your cardio by playing a tennis match with a friend. The best part? It’s competitive and social, so you’ll never be bored.

Paddle boarding – Get some surf and sun in your day by paddle boarding on calm waters. It works the whole body, especially engaging the core to keep you standing up and balanced.

Hiking – Grab a friend or experience nature solo and take a hike. You can even bring along the grandkids and teach them about the outdoors while you get your exercise in.

Strength training – If you practise strength training why not take your workout to the park? You can even use a park bench as part of your routine to do step-ups, triceps dips, and push-up variations.

Cycling – Throw out that old cycling machine and get that blood pumping by cycling outdoors instead.

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