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Woman travelling solo shares tips on staying safe

Woman travelling solo shares tips on staying safe

A very clever young woman has shared the important tips she uses to stay safe whenever she is travelling overseas alone.

Taking to TikTok, the woman shared the “six lies and tips” she uses against people who approach her when she is travelling solo on a holiday.

The first lie is to tell people that she is in fact FROM the country she is visiting, and that her family lives there.

Another is saying that her brother is in the room and is keeping an eye out on her.

The woman suggested speaking primarily in the language of the country she is in to appear fluent and a local.

She also says that she has “been here multiple times” to again make it appear she is a local, or otherwise she might say that she is on business with her coworkers.

Her final tip was to put a wedding ring on her finger to make it appear that she is married. 

The video received more than 2.4 million views with many commending the woman for her stance, while also sharing their own clever tips.

“I never answer questions, I just stay there awkwardly, silent or yes-no. People aren't entitled to my time,” someone wrote.

“Also when someone says how long are you staying here? (ie hotel, town etc) I always say ‘a few more days’ – never tell people when you are leaving,” another suggested.

“I've travelled alone and used some of these as well. It's a shame that women feel we have to do this for our safety,” someone else commented.

“Kind of sad that we women still can’t travel safely without worrying for our safety,” another added.

“So sad we have to still do this... but smart advice!!” another said.

Images: TikTok