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TikTok shows bird inside cabin on flight from Europe to US

TikTok shows bird inside cabin on flight from Europe to US

A passenger on a flight from Europe to the US has shared a video of a bird that was trapped inside the cabin during her flight.

Brooke Frazier uploaded a video to TikTok of a bird flying throughout the cabin of the plane she was on, writing, "Bird stuck on our eight hour flight from Europe lil guy about to be so confused.” In the caption, she wrote that the bird had “hopped on” the flight in Belgium and was “going crazy” during the flight to the US.

The video has received almost 12 million views, almost 2 million likes, and over 20,000 comments. Commenters were quick to see the humour in the situation, with one suggesting it was something out of a movie, writing, “Pixar movie. European bird runs away cuz all his family bullied him for being small. now he's raised by a bunch of pigeons from Jersey”. Brooke herself responded with her own movie synopsis, saying, “migrant bird opens a bakery in jersey to show his pursuit of the american dream while going back to his roots with family recipes”. 

Another commented “Omg I hope he speaks English,” while another said, “He’s gonna have to learn to fly on the right side.”

Brooke posted a followup video once they’d touched down, asking, “Does anyone know if Pfizer protects against bird flu?”

Many users wanted more information on the bird’s fate, with one person writing, “They should provide a free return trip for him”, while another said, “It’s gonna be so lonely without its friends”. Brooke herself commented, “I started tearing up bc it's whole family is in Belgium and it's gonna get off and have to make new friends."

Image: TikTok