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Couple continue with wedding despite volcanic eruption

Couple continue with wedding despite volcanic eruption

A couple did not let a major volcanic emergency get in the way of their wedding as they walked down the aisle during an eruption.

Chino Vaflor and Kat Bautista Palomar had been making plans for eight years to tie the knot on Sunday at Savannah Farm in the Philippines, 10 kilometres from Taal Volcano.

White smoke came out of the active volcano hours before the ceremony began, but it hadn’t reached emergency level until the wedding was underway. Philippine authorities raised their alert to the second-highest level, and people within a 14km radius of the volcano were told to evacuate.

Wedding photographer Randolf Evan told BBC they felt “definitely safe as the venue was on higher ground and not directly around the volcano's vicinity”.

Evan said the wedding guests were “calm and relaxed” despite the imminent danger.

“Funny enough, the smoke from the volcano just kind of like served as an entertaining backdrop changing from white, yellow, pink and finally to grey,” he told Mirror.

“Our team, as well as the rest of the suppliers, was just getting a feel if the couple wanted to postpone or not.

“They ended up going ahead with everything as we later found out that they have been planning for this day for eight years and two kids in the making.

“It was going to be a special day for them no matter what, and it definitely was.”

Evan said ash rained on their clothes, but “it didn't feel alarming until nighttime came when it became a bit heavier and mud-like”.

He confirmed that everyone was now safely out of the danger zone.