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Woman avoids baggage fees with genius neck pillow hack

Woman avoids baggage fees with genius neck pillow hack

While many travellers love to take advantage of cheap airline seats, the deals often come hand in hand with hefty baggage fees.

One savvy TikTok user has devised a unique way to avoid the extra charges for luggage, using a travel neck pillow.

The traveller, who shares videos under the name @anayotothe on TikTok, uses the cheap neck pillow as a secret carry-on bag to get out of those pesky extra fees.

"Trying the Spirit and Frontier pillow hack cuz I ain't tryna pay $60 for a carry on," the woman wrote on the video, referencing two American airlines.

She captioned the video, “My flight is in three hours let’s see how this goes!”

The woman picked up the travel pillow for just $9 from the US supermarket Walgreens, and proceeded to take the pillow stuffing out of the case.

She then stuffed all the clothes that wouldn’t fit in her backpack into the pillowcase, which could still be used to stay comfortable during her flight.

"Everything fits except for this shirt!" the woman exclaimed, while showing followers her clever technique.

After sharing the video with her followers, the woman later confirmed that she boarded her flight successfully with her hidden carry-on luggage.

"On the way to Vegas and the way back, I didn't have to pay, with my travel pillow and my backpack," she said.

While dozens of people commented to thank the savvy traveller for the tip, others also questioned if it was worth it to save money.

When questioned about her methods, the woman responded, "It took five minutes, also it was an hour flight… there was no reason I should pay $300 for a flight if you can just take one of the budget airlines."

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