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The best hotels around the world for book lovers

The best hotels around the world for book lovers

Book lovers rejoice! In recent years, a number of themed hotels have popped up around the world, with book fiends relishing in the targeted accommodation.

You can now curl up with a good book and relax on your holiday, all while being surrounded by like-minded readers.

Gladstone’s Library, North Wales

This library was built specifically to house four-time British prime minister William Ewart Gladstone’s book collection.

Leaving his books as a legacy to the public, an accommodation wing was also added at the former prime minister’s request.

Travellers can enjoy enchanting rooms covered with book-themed wallpaper and everything a guest could need to start writing their own stories.

Library Hotel, New York

With each room stocked with more than 100 books, this hotel is every bibliophile’s dream accommodation.

Each room and its books is categorised according to the Dewey Decimal System, meaning you could be staying in a room themed by philosophy, history or the arts.

Along with several designated reading rooms throughout the hotel, it’s easy for a book lover to get lost in the endless stories within the thousands of bookcases.

Hazlitt’s Hotel, London

The Georgian hotel in London’s famous Soho Square dates back to 1718, and reflects the intellect and poetry of the era.

All bedrooms and common areas are filled to the brim with historic books, as well as boasting an impressive library.

The hotel also has an Honesty Bar, where patrons can drink with each other and indulge in stories from the past.

Book and Bed, Tokyo

In the style of a typical Japanese capsule hotel, Book and Bed is the perfect place to meet like-minded book lovers.

Beds are built into the walls among the bookshelves, with thousands of books at the fingertips of each guest.

Branded as “the bookstore where you can stay the night”, the hostel boasts special quiet reading corners for travellers to immerse themselves within the pages of over 4,000 books.

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