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10 reasons to pack a scarf every time you travel

10 reasons to pack a scarf every time you travel

The humble scarf is the most useful, multi-purpose travel buddy you’ll ever have. Here are 10 reasons why.

1. This is the most obvious one – use a scarf for its intended purpose! It’s amazing how much warmer you will feel with a scarf wrapped around your chest and neck. Especially good if you’re not sure what the weather is going to be like.

2. If you’re trying to pack light, a scarf can make an outfit look brand new. Even something as simple as jeans and a tshirt can be instantly jazzed up with the addition of a different scarf.

3. A big scarf can stand in for a sarong and makes a great beach cover up. Have a look online before you go and learn one of the myriad ways to tie it – you’ll find everything from basic skirts to dresses, pants and more.

4. Beach towels are very bulky to travel with, so a large scarf can be used at the beach or pool. As an extra bonus, it will also dry much quicker.

5. Planes, trains and buses can often be very cold, and with the rise of budget carriers you’re less likely to get any amenities. Use your scarf as a blanket and travel at a pleasant temperature.

6. Ditto for an airline pillow. You can either roll your scarf up into a ball or wrap it around a soft jumper to create your own soft pillow. It also means you don’t have to worry about the last time the pillowcase was washed…

7. Many religious sites across Asia and Europe require visitors to be reasonably covered, so a scarf draped around the shoulders over spaghetti straps or tied around the waist over shorts can be the difference between going inside and waiting out the front.

8. If you’re sharing a room in a hostel or travelling in a train sleeper carriage with strangers, a scarf can provide some much needed privacy. Just tie the corners to the edges of the bunk bed or tack it to the roof and you’ve got a little room of your own.

9. Nobody likes mosquitoes. If it’s too hot to wear long sleeves or pants, draping a light scarf around you creates a passable mosquito net. You can even spray it with some insect repellent to make it more effective – and avoid getting sticky skin.

10. If things get wet, windy or dusty, a scarf wrapped around your head and face will give you some protection from the elements. It can also be a lifesaver if you have long hair and no elastic to keep it out of your face.

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