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Cheapest time to book your holiday

Cheapest time to book your holiday

As international and state borders begin to reopen, many people are beginning to entertain the thought of a much-needed holiday. 

To help with the planning of your getaway, the online travel heroes at Expedia have crunched the numbers to reveal how you can save hundreds by timing your bookings just right. 

Analysing data released by the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), the website was able to figure out the cheapest times to book airfares and accommodation. 

When it comes to booking flights, timing is key, as the data revealed that prices for domestic flights begin to increase about 35 - 42 days before the date of departure. 

In order to land the cheapest deal, it’s recommended that you book your flights about three to four months before you travel.

The data also shows that booking domestic flights on a Sunday can save travellers up to 20 percent, as opposed to booking flights on a Friday. 

Travellers can also save money by timing their accommodation bookings, as making a reservation on a Wednesday is the day when the lowest average daily rate tends to occur. 

If you’re thinking about what days to travel, Expedia recommends setting off on a Wednesday rather than a Saturday, as you could save almost 5 per cent. 

The ideal day to begin your holiday is Tuesday, as starting your vacation earlier in the week could save travellers up to 10 percent, versus arriving at your destination on a Saturday. 

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