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Cheap flight hack: How to save money when booking your plane ticket

Cheap flight hack: How to save money when booking your plane ticket

A variety of factors can turn what is supposed to be a cheap weekend away into an expensive venture out. These factors include whether or not you’re travelling in peak season, who you’re flying with and whether or not you want to go up a class in the flight.

However, according to Expedia Group, there’s a way you can get cheaper flights and it all comes down to the day you’re booking them.

With airfares rising and no sign of slowing down, this is the day you’re going to want to bookmark for flights.

It’s Sunday.

Expedia Group narrowed down on the perfect day after analysing airline routes and prices of tickets in a joint research project with the Airline Reporting Corporation.

On Friday, they’re at their highest.

On Sunday, they’re at their lowest.

However, you’re more likely to save if your first day of travel is a Friday. This is the day you want to head to the airport and fly out, with Sunday copping higher fares.

In order to save, you book on a Sunday for a Friday flight.

It might not be a bulletproof scenario every time, but according to Expedia’s analysis, you’re in with a good chance.

Are you going to try this hack and see if it works? Let us know in the comments below.