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Family outraged after couple cancel wedding but keep money for their honeymoon

Family outraged after couple cancel wedding but keep money for their honeymoon

Guests who were supposed to be attending an upcoming wedding have been left gobsmacked and furious over the bride and groom’s decision to cancel the wedding but keep the money donated for the honeymoon.

The couple had raked in over $43,000 (US $30,000) from generous friends and family and did not give guests the opportunity to get their money back as it was “donated”.

Naturally, friends and family of the bride have been left furious as they found all of this out in a lengthy Facebook post by the bride.

“Hi invitees to the wedding.” The post cheerily started.

“After much reflection and tear-filled conversation with our closest family members, we have decided to cancel our upcoming winter wedding. We will further notify this group when we are in a better place to reschedule.

“We thank each and every one of you for your generous early donations to our money fund. Can you believe we have raised over $30,000??? Unbelievable!”

The bride goes onto explain that their donations will “not be used in vain”.

“Don’t worry, the money you’ve donated will not be spent in vain but rather used towards a honeymoon in the coming months.

“After we regain financial stability and hold calm in our hearts after a honeymoon, we will announce a new wedding date and re-open our money fund for any further gifts. Weddings are expensive!”

Naturally, friends and family of the couple were furious.

One uncle, who generously donated the bride and groom $17,000 ($US 12,000) posted underneath his initial comment after the bride and groom didn’t get back to his calls and messages.

“You are to return my more than generous $12,000 donation on behalf of the [blanked out] family in one week. If on 11/13/2019 I don’t see that money, IN CASH, in my bank account, I will be seeing you in court.”