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Inside Chris Hemsworth’s lavish holiday to Lord Howe Island

Inside Chris Hemsworth’s lavish holiday to Lord Howe Island

When it comes to a celebrity visit, you can’t beat Aussie celeb royalty Chris Hemsworth.

The Thor actor took a trip to Lord Howe Island with his wife Elsa Pataky and their three children.

Joining them was director Taika Waititi as they explored the beautiful island for a week.

Hemsworth also brought his brothers Liam and Luke along with him with the entire family being the first to stay in the island’s newly completed luxury accommodation, dubbed the Island Lodge.

Hemsworth shared photos of the trip to the off-grid destination in support of the local tourism industry, saying “2020 has been incredibly hard for communities who depend on tourism”.

“Obviously not everyone is able to travel at the moment but once it’s safe to do so let’s support our fellow Aussies by taking a holiday at home,” he wrote on Instagram.

But while it seemed to be all fun and games, Hemsworth’s stay was in part under his as the tourism ambassador with Tourism Australia.

His stay coincides with the launch of Tourism Australia’s new $7 million ‘Holiday at Home’ campaign, which hopes to claw back at the billions lost in tourism because of COVID-19.

Tourism Australia managing director Phillipa Harrison said it was “great to see Chris and his family out and about experiencing parts of Australia with our wonderful tourism operators”.