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Be amazed by Queensland’s new 65-million-year old attraction

Be amazed by Queensland’s new 65-million-year old attraction

Talaroo Hot Springs, Queensland’s latest attraction, has officially opened to the public.

The 65-million-year old hot springs are found in the heart of Queensland’s outback brimming with soaking pools that reach a surface temperature of up to 68C.

The destination also features a new campground, caravan park, and elevated walking tracks for visitors to explore.

The site also offers 40-minute sessions in private soaking pools, which are the ideal size for couples.

The region has been managed by Ewamian rangers, the Traditional Owners of the land, and is considered an Indigenous Protected Area and Nature Refuge.

Rangers also encourage visitors to learn about the secrets and history of the land.

“Every part of our country tells a piece of our story,” said Ewamian Elder and Talaroo cultural advisor Jimmy “JR” Richards. “From the plants we’ve used for thousands of years to the history and culture of our people and to the future we’re building right here. It’s an incredible evolving journey that mirrors the constantly changing Springs at the heart of our land.”

Travellers can book campsites and activities on Talaroo’s new website.

Images: Talaroo Hot Springs / Instagram