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The biggest surprise for first-time cruisers

The biggest surprise for first-time cruisers

Cruising is a holiday option that has grown in popularity in the past few years. Life at sea has been great for some Over60 members and for others, it was a bit of a shock. Here are the surprises Over60 members had on their first cruise.

1. “2012 cruise on Pacific Jewel, the second last day my husband blocked the toilet everyone came from nowhere. Staff were magnificent, we laugh about it now but we had a perfect cruise.” – Jenny Taylor

2. “The ridiculous price of drinks.” – Dave Brimecombe

3. “Beautiful birthday cake delivered to my cabin.” – Ursula Cupitt and “Cake free on my birthday.” – Carol Heffernan

4. “How calm the ship was and how well it rode through the rough seas, loved every bit of it.” – Beverley Dwyer

5. “Golden Princess in 2015 broke down for four hours in the Tasman Sea once generators were going [so we had a] big party top deck.” – Joy Swanson

6. “In 2004 on the Pacific Sky, the staff all remembered your name... been on 10 now and am not stopping any time soon.” – Vicki Shaw

7. “Our cabin flooded but they did launder all our things that got wet.” – Jennifer Grace

8. “My first surprise was how small the room was, they must have used a wide-angle lens when they took the pictures for the brochure.” – Valarie Hawkins

9. “We got upgraded to a balcony cabin on the Arcadia in 2014. My first trip back to England since we arrived as £10 poms in March 1952.” – Peter Andrews 

10. “Having a very rough trip but not getting sea sick.” – Wendy Fidler

11. “How to be relaxed.” – Margaret Hunter

12. “The size of the ship.” – Veronica McDonald

13. “Wonderful humour! Everyone’s enjoying their holiday!” – Judy Leak

14. “A little man sitting on my toilet with shoes on and after a loud scream I realised he was made of toilet paper.” – Elizabeth McDonald 

15. “In 1972, Iberia cyclone and no stabilizers and I was the only passenger in First Class(!) that didn’t get sea sick! Who knew!” – Sue Cassell 

What was your biggest surprise on your first cruise? Let us know in the comments below.