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Free to good home: The house that costs zero dollars but comes with a catch

Free to good home: The house that costs zero dollars but comes with a catch

In a deal that’s almost too good to be true, a four-bedroom Sydney house is free to a good home. 

But, it comes with a catch: its new owners will need to remove it from the property and find a new patch of land to transport it to.

The home, listed on Facebook and Gumtree, is sure to gain some interest as property prices continue to skyrocket across the city.

In Kirrawee in Sydney’s south, where the home is currently located, the median house price reached $1.3 million in the year ending last September, coming at an 18.2 percent increase on prices from the year prior.

In comparison, the new homeowners will only need to pay to remove the home - which can cost around $70,000 on top of reconnection to services and plaster setting at the new site.

According to the ad, which has since been shared on Twitter, the home is about 60 years old and comes with two bathrooms, two living spaces, a modern kitchen and a laundry.

Homes have been known to sell without the land they stand on, with the home used as the set for The Castle selling for $40,000 at auction in 2017 as a relocatable home.

In 2018, another house-only sale made headlines when it was listed for just $5,000 - a much cheaper option compared to the $25,000 it may have cost to demolish.

As for the Kirrawee house, the deadline to clear the site is at the end of February, with the home able to be picked up at the start of March.

Images: @LucyThack (Twitter), Gumtree