Wed, 11 Nov, 2020

“You’d never guess what’s inside”: Jacinda Ardern’s weirdest fan mail ever

“You’d never guess what’s inside”: Jacinda Ardern’s weirdest fan mail ever

NZ Prime Minister shared her weirdest fan mail ever, which just so happened to be a raw potato with her face on it.

She shared it on her Instagram page, delighting over the raw potato that was sent in a box filled with other goodies such as chocolates and party poppers.

The spud featured a photo of Ardern on one side and some potato puns on the other.

"I get sent some amazing things. I get sent some interesting things. And sometimes, I get sent a potato," the Labor leader capturing a photo of the package.

"Thank you to whoever sent it to me, the accompanying puns were spectacular."

The lid of the box accurately declared 'You'd never guess what's inside'.

Fans were eager to know what puns were on the spud, with Arden saying that the potato congratulated her on her recent re-election.

"Congrats on your spud-tacular victory. You s-mash-ed it again," the potato reads.

"Who knew you could fit more than one potato pun on an actual potato," Arden joked.

The spud sender, Srinivas Kalokota said that he posted the potato to congratulate Ardern.

“She loved the gift [but] people are confused and wondering who sent this potato and what it is all about,” Kalakota said.

He's launched an online service called Potato Post NZ, which has an aim of "spreading love, one potato at a time".

“We wouldn't allow hate potatoes. We have a disclaimer that says we won't do it,” he said.