Fri, 8 Nov, 2019

William Shatner hits out at millennials in Twitter feud

William Shatner hits out at millennials in Twitter feud

William Shatner has hit out at millennials after being called a “boomer” on Twitter.

The Star Trek actor waded into a intergenerational row after one Twitter user replied to his post with “OK Boomer”.

According to the ABC, the popular catchphrase is generally used to respond to “what’s perceived to be some older people’s sense of entitlement, outdated ways of thinking, or condescending attitudes towards younger generations”.

The 88-year-old actor does not fall into the baby boomer generation, which includes people being born between 1946 and 1964.

Shatner responded to the “Boomer” comment: “Sweetheart, that’s a compliment for me.”

“I’m not really into pejoratives, but what’s the term for people when they can’t interpret a joke?” the user replied.

“Millennial?” Shatner hit back.

Shatner wrote on another post, “I feel it’s like one of those childish insults in fandom that seem to affect the delicate types to the point they meltdown and go over the rest of our heads as something ridiculous.”

One user explained that the line was directed at “boomers who don’t realise that the hardships that the millennials inherited are not their fault”, and that the younger generation “are trying to survive a world that has all but been destroyed and that doesn’t make them lazy”.

Shatner replied, “And the meek shall inherit... is that all your generation does is point fingers and blame others for their pity parties? You don’t get a participation trophy for life; you take what you get and play your best hand. It’s been that way since forever.”

The phrase “OK Boomer”, which has been widely used on the internet, gained greater public recognition after 25-year-old MP Chloe Swarbick used the line in New Zealand parliament when speaking in support of the Jacinda Ardern government’s Zero Carbon Bill.

"In the year 2050, I will be 56 years old. Yet, right now, the average age of this 52nd Parliament is 49 years old,” she said.

"Mr Speaker, how many world leaders, for how many decades have seen and known what is coming but have decided that it is more politically expedient to keep it behind closed doors. My generation and the generations after me do not have that luxury.”