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The moment "livid" Australian Open player "absolutely snaps" in dramatic on-court meltdown

The moment "livid" Australian Open player "absolutely snaps" in dramatic on-court meltdown

Spanish tennis player Pablo Carreno Busta has issued an apology after he had stunned spectators with his on-court meltdown and yelling at the chair umpire.

The No. 23 decided to wreak havoc after a stunning, five-hour match against Japanese player Kei Nishikori, who defeated Busta and progressed into the quarterfinals.

Busta started off the match with a calm demeanour, but it soon turned ugly after the umpire awarded a controversial point to Nishikori during a tense fifth set tie-break.

The lengthy match had people on the edge of their seats as both players were even before Busta completely lost it towards the end.

Nishikori kept his cool, despite the events unfolding in front of him and the fact that he was down 8-5.

The match took a drastic turn once the chair umpire announced the controversial decision following a late linesman’s call, which claimed that Busta would not have returned a Nishikori backhand.

Using his best efforts, Busta attempted to convince the umpire that he had stopped playing due to the overruled line call, but the point was still given to Nishikori.

Chair umpire Thomas Sweeney refused to let Busta replay the point, causing the tennis player to launch a lengthy tirade.

The 27-year-old was booed off the court on Margaret Court Arena, as he refused to shake Sweeney’s hand after the match. He did however congratulate Nishikori as he exited the stadium.

During his post-match conference, Busta issued an apology, saying his behaviour was uncalled for.

"The way I left the court was not right, and I'm so sorry, because that's not me," he said through tears.

"I am very sad because after five hours of fighting the way that I leave from the court wasn't correct.

"I think that the referee missed. And when I tried to leave as fast as posible, I lost the head. It's tough for me to leave the Australian Open like this because I thought I played really well. It's tough to leave like this."

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