Charlotte Foster


Thu, 20 Jan, 2022

"Rot in hell": Charlise Mutten's alleged killer attacked online

"Rot in hell": Charlise Mutten's alleged killer attacked online

A Facebook post from 2020 announcing the engagement of Charlise Mutten's alleged killer, Justin Stein, and her mother, Kallista Mutten, has been inundated with death threats and violent messages.

After a five-day search for nine-year-old Charlise, NSW Police confirmed the worst when her body was found in a barrel in bushland near the Blue Mountains where she went missing.

Shortly after her body was found, Justin Stein was arrested for murder, but major questions still linger about the case.

Police have been unable to interview Charlise's mother Kallista, who remains under medical supervision and remains "difficult to approach", according to police.

As news of Justin Stein's arrest broke, a Facebook post from December 2020 sharing news of Justin and Kallista's engagement has been flooded with hateful messages, with many telling the 31-year-old man to "rot in hell".

The post has attracted over 2,000 comments with people sending death threats and photos of nooses, all while seeking vengeance for the slain nine-year-old girl.

One person wrote, “I hope you only know pure hell for the rest of your days!”, while another said, “Monster! Hope you rot in jail.”

Others shared their sadness and disbelief over Charlise's death, with one person saying, “What a broken world! That poor precious girl deserved so much better in this world! Rest easy little one, no one will ever hurt you again.”

A milestone post announcing the couple's new relationship, which began just one month before their engagement, has attracted a slew of similar comments.

Charlise usually lives with her grandmother in the Queensland town of Coolangatta, but was spending time with her mother and step-father over the school holidays.

Image credits: Facebook