Sun, 1 Dec, 2019

Prince Charles plans to “boot several royals” when he becomes King

Prince Charles plans to “boot several royals” when he becomes King

According to recent reports from The Daily Star, Prince Charles, 71, has plans to boot several royals out of the Royal Family when he becomes King.

It is said that he wants to cut the number of working royals to the bare minimum after the fallout of the Prince Andrew scandal.

The scandal, which thrust Prince Andrew’s friendship with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, has people now paying attention to Prince Charles’ plans.

Royal experts have said that Prince Charles s moving forward with his plans for a reduced working monarchy.

Brittani Barger, deputy editor of Royal Central, spoke to The Daily Star about the plans.

“I think the Andrew crisis has definitely strengthened Prince Charles's desire for a slimmed-down monarchy,” she said.

“Prince Andrew is now out of the picture. I don't see him ever undertaking royal duties again, and any hope that his daughters would is now gone.

“So the process of slimming the monarchy has already begun as we know Charles was pushing his mother to meet with Andrew and have him step back from his royal duties.”

Barger thinks that the future working monarchy will be Charles, his children and his grandchildren.

“I think when it's all said and done, the monarchy will be Charles and his children and grandchildren.

“Of course, a valid argument could be made for keeping the Princess Royal as a working royal considering how hard-working she is.

“However, I see her and the Wessexes continuing to visit patronages and all under the reign of Charles like the Kents and Glouchesters have done under The Queen's reign - as non-working royals.”

Charlie Proctor, editor of Royal Central, says that the crisis has strengthened the desire for a smaller monarchy.

“I should imagine there were plenty of people sceptical of reports that Prince Charles wanted a slimmed down monarchy when he became king,” he told Daily Star Online.

“It was widely thought that his siblings and other extended members of The Royal Family provided valuable work, so might have been opposed by some.

"It is still true that the extended royals perform valuable work. Princess Anne and the Earl & Countess of Wessex for example are some of the hardest working royals, and a slimmed down monarchy would see them as casualties.”

Proctor said public support has shot up after the BBC Newsnight interview.

“However, since the Prince Andrew debacle and the events surrounding his Newsnight interview, I should imagine support for a slimmed-down monarchy have shot up overnight.

"For all the positive work royals do in their line of work, it takes only one incident for everything to unravel.

“Prince Andrew would probably have been sidelined during King Charles’s reign anyhow, but his expulsion from public duties has now been sped up.

"Charles only wants his immediate family conducting engagements. This consists of himself, Camilla, William, Kate, Harry & Meghan. In time, the Cambridge children will also become part of ‘The Firm’.”