Tue, 18 Jan, 2022

Manhunt after tragic death from random stabbing attack

Manhunt after tragic death from random stabbing attack

A 24-year-old was killed in what police describe as a random stabbing attack while working at a high-end furniture store last Thursday.

Brianna Kupfer, a UCLA student, was working at Croft House in Los Angeles when she was stabbed by who police believe to be a homeless man. The suspect stabbed her before fleeing through the back door and down an alley.

A customer found Brianna 20 minutes later, and she was pronounced dead on the scene soon after.

Police said of the incident, “Detectives have determined the suspect was not known to the victim and [it] was a random walk into the store. The suspect attacked the victim with a knife and fled the scene through the back door.”

Dr Jennifer Botelho, who owns a chiropractic practice next door, told CBS LA the attack was “horrifying”, saying, “It’s horrible. She’s such a young girl. … We feel so horrible for Brianna’s family, and hope we can catch this guy.”

She added that the suspect visited her business shortly before the attack. “He came in and asked a couple of questions: ‘Do you do orthopaedics here?’ What kind of care we provide, and then he left. So he was just here for a few minutes,” Dr Botelho said.

Ms Kupfer’s father told CBS she was “loved by all”. She had been studying architectural design at UCLA and was working at Croft House as a consultant.

Police are still searching for the suspect.

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