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Joining forces: Why Julia Gillard will be spending the day with Duchess Meghan

Joining forces: Why Julia Gillard will be spending the day with Duchess Meghan

Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard will be joining the Duchess of Sussex at a panel for International Women’s Day, held by King’s College London, this coming Friday.

The panel, which is described as a “special panel of female thought-leaders and activists,” will shed light on the issues surrounding women today.

Kensington Palace issued a statement confirming that the 37-year-old Duchess will indeed be joining the panel and will be discussing the significance of International Women’s Day.

The Duchess is expected to talk about the importance of equal opportunity in the workplace and also how the day allows women greater access to education.

“In front of an audience of students, opinion formers and young leaders, Her Royal Highness will join the panel to discuss the importance of International Women’s Day,” read the statement from The Palace.

Music icon and activist Annie Lennox and model and activist Adwoa Aboah will also be joining the panel.

Gillard, who is the chairwoman of King’s College London, took to Twitter over the weekend to share her excitement on sharing a stage with Meghan.

“Excited to join HRH [Her Royal Highness] The Duchess of Sussex,” wrote the former PM.

The royal mother-to-be has a long history with International Women’s Day and is known to celebrate the occasion each year. Last year, she joined a group of young women in Birmingham and took part in an initiative that helped boost recognition of science, technology, engineering and math-based education.

In 2015, she gave a speech at the UN Women’s conference in New York where she touched on the importance of gender equality.

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