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Aussie baker hits back at customer's negative review: "$6 croissant is a joke"

Aussie baker hits back at customer's negative review: "$6 croissant is a joke"

An Aussie bakery has defended its AU$6 (NZ$6.3) croissants against a negative review.

When a customer took to social media to complain about the croissants from bakery Flour and Stone, founder Nadine Ingram responded with a thorough explanation.

On Sunday, a customer wrote on the business’s Facebook page about her less than impressive experience. "Not the best croissants I have eaten. They're too buttery. 6 dollars [for] the croissant is a joke."

Ingram replied with a long statement, which she shared on Facebook and Instagram, to justify why the item is priced so high.

"It's true $6 is a lot for a croissant and you're not the only one to raise an eyebrow or two at the price increase," Ingram wrote. "The $6 croissant pays for the training, the ingredients, the purpose."

She explained that the price increase was to facilitate pay rises and training for her staff.

"I allocate 3 training shifts a week just on croissant for the bakers in my team because they said that’s what they want to learn," she wrote.

“In addition I have a career mentor program where my staff go and spend the day with one of my peers making coffee, cheese, bread or chocolates. Flour and Stone pays for this and I add, this type of scheme is almost unheard of in hospitality. It’s my purpose.”

She also said the use of quality materials for the baked goods, such as Pepe Saya butter and Country Valley milk, also influences the price.

She also mentioned her refusal to reduce the number of employees on her payroll.

"Did you know there are manufacturers out there getting creative about avoiding payroll tax (a privilege I will have for the first time this year) by investing in machines and reducing their workforce? I’m not going to do this! Because I don't believe this is a sustainable way for Australia to move forward."

Many of the bakery’s fans have applauded Ingram’s response.

"Excellent response. I would rather pay $6 for a great croissant than $2-$5 for a crap one," commented one user on Instagram.

"It's a tough gig running a bakery and people just don't understand the price of ingredients from paddock to plate, adding on wages, electricity... and so many more," another chimed in.

However, some customers also came in defense of the reviewer.

"It's totally out of line to berate a customer personally with feedback in this condescending manner. [The reviewer] is entitled to leave an honest review of their experience with your product," a Facebook user replied.

"I don't think it's reasonable to expect everyone to know what goes in to making the highest quality croissants (or what Pepe Saya butter is)," another customer wrote on Instagram. "A lot of people don’t grow up being able to access high quality produce. So it's great to teach people about what does go into producing your amazing and high quality products, but I don't think it's a good idea to undermine people who don't know."

Ingram told 9Honey Kitchen she did not expect her posts to stir up an outrage.

"I went to a hospitality symposium before Christmas and listened to a lot of people in the industry who are hurting every day. People who are trying to keep prices low but maintain their integrity,” she said.

"I made this flippant remark at the end that there should be a revolution to change the way people perceive food to be produced."

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