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Nigerian boy left for dead starts school a year later

Nigerian boy left for dead starts school a year later

A starving, malnourished Nigerian boy whose family abandoned him fearing he was a “witch” is the picture of health as he prepares for his first day of school.

Danish aid worker Anja Ringgren Loven found the tiny naked two-year-old boy in January last year when on a rescue mission.

Anja started a blog for the boy she called Hope in a bid to raise funds for his medical treatment and raise awareness about child abandonment in Nigeria.

Hero _Hope

“We found this boy, I chose to call him HOPE,” Anja wrote on her blog this time last year. “Because right now, we’re all hoping that he survives.”

Now, 12 months later, Hope looks barely recognisable as a happy and healthy boy.

“Today it’s exactly one year ago the world came to know a young little boy called Hope,” Anja wrote in a Facebook. “This week Hope will start school.”

Hope lives in an orphanage run by Anja and her husband that is also home to another 35 other children.

“As you can see, Hope is growing with speed and he is such a handsome, healthy and very happy young boy because of the tremendous love and care he receives everyday from our staff and all our children,” Anja says.

“Where there is love there is hope.”

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