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Tue, 3 Jan, 2017

This optical illusion has the internet baffled

This optical illusion has the internet baffled

We’ve given you plenty of opportunities to test your vision with optical illusions, so you’re probably feeling pretty sharp at the moment. But this latest one, which harkens way back to the turn of the century, might just put you to the test.

In the below image, posted by Playbuzz, we see an illustration of Spot the dog. But all is not as it seems. If you look closely, you should be able to see Spot’s master.

Dog -Master -In -text -one

Can you see him? Scroll down for a bit of a hint.

Dog -Master -In -text -two

There he is!

Dog -master -in -text -three

It’s a tricky one, but it’s a good exercise to get you thinking outside the box. Did you find Spot’s master straight away, or did you need a bit of a hint?

Image credit: Playbuzz

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