Mon, 28 May, 2018Melody Teh

Princess Mary’s romantic speech to her husband on his 50th birthday

Princess Mary has given a heartfelt speech dedicated to her husband at Crown Prince Frederik's 50th birthday bash at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen on Saturday.

The Aussie-born princess, who is notoriously private about her family life, spoke in both Danish and English as she celebrated her husband’s milestone, and revealed romantic details about how they fell in love and overcame their “unsure steps” during the early days of courtship.

“I am so happy you swept me off my feet,” she said in front of the crowded room.

“And we dared to fall for each other not for a moment, but for life. And life with you is never boring.”

Mary told her husband: "Your impact on people is unique, and I really don’t think you realise you have that gift. You can talk to everyone and you believe that we all can contribute, that we can always learn from each other."

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It wasn’t all romance though as Mary also gave an insight into her husband's incredible sense of humour.

"You are a positive person, and easily moved to laughter. And you are not stingy with your laughter…or your jokes for that matter. And often the two come together, you always laugh (a lot) at your own jokes," she teased. "And I have simply lost count of the amount of times that you have told the same joke over and over again, it is as if you are trying to continuously perfect how they are delivered."

Mary continued to reveal that whenever they go out for dinner, when the waiter comes over to ask if they are finished their meal "you can be dead certain that you will answer, 'No, no I'm Danish'. Every time, and laugh every time."

The mum to Prince Christian, 12, Princess Isabella, 10, and seven-year-old twins Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent, also paid tribute to the prince’s incredible devotion as a dad.

“They describe you as sweet, fun, wonderful, wise, brave, helpful, cool and handsome,” Mary said.

“You’re their everything. They know that you believe in them even when they don’t believe in themselves.”

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Princess Mary also paid respects to Frederik’s late father, Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark, who passed away in February.

“And on the rare occasion you get cross, you quickly put it behind you, just as your father did,” Mary revealed.

“You allow yourself to be carried away by our children. You easily find your inner child and your children love it when that side of your takes over through imagination, play, and games.”

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