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The parts of the home you’re forgetting to clean – according to a professional cleaner

The parts of the home you’re forgetting to clean – according to a professional cleaner

It’s the kind of advice you need, but don’t want, to hear:  What tiny nooks of the home are you forgetting to clean, and what are the subsequent hygiene issues associated with them?

Of course, most floors get a mop and tables a wipe. But for every bench that demands a wash after dinner, there’s an equally-as-deserving shower curtain that has spent months, perhaps years, crunched in a corner and draped in festering human gunk.

And therein lies the great inequality of all: not all parts of the home are made equal with regards to the ones we are willing to clean.

In a recent Reddit thread that generated more than 7000 comments, professional cleaners shared the parts of the home most likely to be neglected when it comes to cleaning.

According to the owner of professional cleaning service Maid in Melbourne, Rita Dossis, the thread is “very accurate”.

“Many of these things that you would assume people would be doing, they are not. Sometimes they look at the bigger picture and don’t notice the little things that need doing,” she says.

We’ve summarised some of the most commonly ignored parts of the home, with Dossis telling us exactly what happens when they are left untouched for extended periods of time.

Mould in bathrooms, on walls and around windows

“There are spores that are not good for you,” Dossis says. “You need bleach to get rid of these and you should be keeping on top of it as they only multiply.”

While it’s a simple tip, Dossis says not enough people are “opening [their] windows to get fresh air through the property” to avoid a build-up of mould.

Cleaning around door and cupboard handles and light switches 

Considering how many hands are touching handles and light switches, it’s little surprise this one made the top of the list.

“A simple quick wipe with a damp cloth [fixes] it up and is easier to maintain,” Dossis says.

Filters on your rangehood

When it comes to cleaning the filters on a rangehood, Dossis says they seem to fall in the old “out of sight, out of mind” bucket.

“Put them through your dishwasher, they come out sparkling. If not [the] dishwasher, fill your sink with boiling hot water and detergent and then soak.”


A shower might clean you, but it certainly doesn’t clean itself, with Dossis noting it’s one of the most neglected parts of the home.

“Clean this at least fortnightly, it keeps mould at bay and is much more pleasant to step into a clean shower. We had a client who thought his shower glass was opaque, after we cleaned it [spending over one hour on it] he called us to say he had not realised the glass was clear.”

Toothbrush holders

“Give it a good clean regularly, you don’t want to be putting your toothbrush into something that is breeding,” Dossis says.

Shower curtains

According to the professional cleaners of Reddit, shower curtains are one of the most neglected parts of the home when it comes to cleaning.

“That’s the accumulation of body oils and fluids that has splashed off your body. You can disinfect and make a bathroom sparkle, however, the stench off the ripe curtain…,” the thread reads.

The dish drying rack

The dish drying rack, and particularly the bottom of it, is rarely considered in a major house clean.

“Check the bottom of it,” Dossis suggests, saying, “soap scum and mould builds up”.

“Replace your sponge regularly and wash your tea towels weekly,” she says. “Just because it does not look dirty doesn’t mean it’s not.”


Depending on how often you are using them, microwaves are also commonly forgotten when it comes to cleaning.

Dossis says cleaning them takes only a handful of minutes.

“Get a small bowl, put about one cup of water in it with maybe ½ cup white vinegar and then put on high for 4-5 minutes. Leave it for about 10-15 minutes, then open the door and wipe it out.

“It’s quick, easy and gets rid of everything. If you use your microwave regularly just do this every few days. If you have put something in and it has splattered everywhere, clean it right then and there.”

Written by Zara McDonald. Republished with permission of Domain.com.au.