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Savvy woman saves thousands of dollars with this genius laundry trick

Savvy woman saves thousands of dollars with this genius laundry trick

If there was a list of the worst chores one can do, laundry would most likely be right at the top.

But one savvy woman has revealed how she plans to save “a lot of money and time in the next 20 years.”

Posting on Facebook, Jen explained that when her washing machine broke down, she decided to invest in a commercial quality machine instead of another regular washer.

According to Jen, the machine will save her hours and thousands of dollars in the future, and she hasn’t regretted her decision in the slightest.

“[it was] a big investment but hopefully worthwhile for larger families,” Jen posted on the budgeting Facebook group, saying that the Speed Queen machine is great for those who have “a lot of washing to do.”

“I found my machine that was three years old decided to sh*t itself,” she posted. “I burn through machines quickly!”

After going through regular machines that Jen claims she would “overload and overuse” and pay thousands of dollars for, she decided on purchasing a Speed Queen commercial washer.

While it costs a cool $5785 for the machine and an extra $870 for installation, Jen could not be happier, as they are said to last around 25 years when used in a home environment.

“I was extremely lucky enough to have my husband’s insurer help pay for my new washer and dryer (the difference in cost for domestic v industrial), BUT I have saved two days of washing in the one day that would usually take me three,” Jen said.

Speaking of the machine, she said it’s “fabulous.”

“Does a quick 8kg (max load is 10kg) wash in 26 minutes to the max intensive wash at one hour!” said Jen.

She then went on to say that the dryer is “also super efficient”, and despite the fact that it’s industrial and will consume a lot of power, she has solar so is hoping it will be “less expensive.”

“I looked at just getting an extra large 20kg top loader, but the basic wash programmes for clothing still took 1.5 to two hours,” she said.

“With this 8kg, I can get 24 kilograms done in three hours maximum! Far less electricity long term.

“For us, with the last twelve years, and over $6000 on machines, if it lasts for 15 I’ll be happy.”

Would you be willing to drop the cash on an industrial washer? Let us know in the comments below.