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8 natural ways to get rid of cockroaches

8 natural ways to get rid of cockroaches

If you don’t like the idea of sharing your home with cockroaches, try some of these natural ideas for getting them out.  

1) Ground coffee

Get a large glass jar and fill halfway up with water. Now take a small cup (that will fit inside the jar) and add some wet coffee grinds to it. Place the cup inside the jar and put the jar in areas that you often see cockroaches. The bug gets attracted to the aroma of the coffee and enters the jar but then can’t get out. Each day check the jar and when you see a few roaches inside, remove the small cup and tip the water and bugs down the toilet. Replace the jars and coffee and keep checking daily until you have several days with no cockroaches in the jar.

2) Borax and sugar

Cockroaches are attracted to sweet things, so we use sugar to lure them in and then borax to send them off. Mix together an equal amount of sugar and borax. Place this in areas where you tend to see cockroaches, such as in cupboards or under the sink. Within a few hours you will see results. Borax is a poison so be sure to only use this in areas where children or pets cannot touch it. If this is an issue you can use baking soda instead of borax for another efficient option.

3) Fabric softener

Grab an empty spray bottle and make a mix of 3 parts natural fabric softener, and 2 parts water. Give it a good shake and spray on live cockroaches or in areas where you often see them. The thick solution suffocates the roaches.

4) Bay leaves

More of a repellant than exterminator, bay leaves will send the cockroaches packing rather than killing them. Crush a handful of bay leaves in a pestle and mortar to form a powder. Sprinkle the powder in high traffic areas for the roaches.

5) Ammonia and water

Another repellant option is ammonia. Mix 2 cups of ammonia into a bucket of water and use this to wash the kitchen and bathroom floor. Use weekly until you see a drop off of activity.

6) Catnip

Another repellant is catnip which is safe for humans. Get some small sachets of catnip and place in areas that you regularly see cockroaches. This option is best avoided if you have a cat as catnip can drive them crazy.

7) Hair spray

Whenever you see a cockroach simply spray it with hairspray. It makes them sticky and they will soon suffocate.

8) Essential oils

Roaches find the smell of certain oils such as rosemary, eucalyptus, and lemon oil offensive. Place a few drops of oil on a cotton ball and place near areas that you tend to see roaches. 

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