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Fri, 21 Dec, 2018Basmah Qazi

Can you spot the surprise intruder on this Christmas tree?

Can you spot the surprise intruder on this Christmas tree?

A user on Twitter has taken to the social media site to challenge her followers in spotting the unexpected intruder on her Christmas tree.

Alli McDonald, from Wentzville in St Louis, Missouri in the US, shared a snap of her festive tree claiming that she discovered an unlikely intruder finding refuge amongst the branches.

The photo, which has now been liked over 2800 times, shows Ms McDonald’s cat hiding amongst the decorations. She reveals that her cheeky pet likes to find a new spot every day to hide in and can be extremely hard to spot.

“Alright guys let’s play a game: every morning we find my cat in a different place in our Christmas tree and take a picture,” she said.

“Screenshot when you find him.”

Twitter users were left confused after they tried finding the clever cat amongst the tree.

“I soo got it wrong. I have thought I saw a black cat and its eyes,” said one user.

“I don’t see how his head is at that angle,” said another.

One user was impressed by the cat, saying: “Seems like he’s an expert with his sneaky ninja cat skills!”

And it didn’t take long for other proud cat owners to share photos of their own kitty hiding amongst their trees with one user saying: “My advent calendar is just me pulling my cat out of the Christmas tree every day.”

Another said: “Friend’s cat is doing some performance art as a Christmas tree decoration.”

One user shared a snap of his cat amongst the Christmas tree lights, saying: “Here’s a photo of my stupid cat in the Christmas tree. Look at his eyes.”

Do your pets have any funny habits with your Christmas tree? Let us know in the comments below.