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Thu, 16 Aug, 2018Danielle McCarthy

7 ways to revamp your living room without spending a fortune

7 ways to revamp your living room without spending a fortune

If your living room feels dull and lifeless it's time for a new look. Using a balanced combination of light, colour and texture, you can transform a tired space into a room you don’t want to leave. And the best part? It doesn't have to cost you a fortune.

1. A floor rug

A floor rug can bring visual warmth and ties in the elements of a room creating a succinct space. In open plan areas it can also help ‘zone’ the living room and segregate it from the dining room. Note: Make sure you consider the size of the rug. A rug too big or too small can change the dynamics of a room. You can find a reasonably priced rug discounted through some wholesalers.

2. Couch pillows and a throw

Pillows and throws are a great way to revitalise a room. Simply changing the materials and colours of them can transition your room from summer to winter in a matter of minutes. Bold colours, pastels and thin materials can be great for summer, yet thick materials, heavy textures and muted tones are perfect for winter. Note: Mix and match colours of the same season. 

3. Framed prints

Framed prints can form interest in a room, create a talking point with visitors and set the style of your living room. You can find some fantastic pieces from secondhand stores. Just remember that you want to match the ‘style’ of the room with the print, not necessarily the colours.

4. A vase and flowers

It is surprising how flowers can liven up a room. They bring a pop of colour and a sweet scent that cannot be artificially mimicked. Try keeping the vase a neutral colour or using a large recycled jar, and chose flowers that last, such as natives, kale flowers or greenery fillers.

5. A coffee table

Consider the shape and size of the coffee table to suit the layout of your sofa’s. You may find you need to compromise on the size of the table to fit the space. Think about the finish of the table. A timber table top may not always look good with timber floors.

6. A lick of paint

Paint is an easy way to transform a room and you can do yourself. Try a feature wall to give new backdrop to framed prints or paint the entire room for a complete overhaul. If you are confident with your decorating skills, try your hand at stenciling. Tip: Make sure you use a complementary hue if you are creating a feature wall.

7. A side table

It’s a useful piece of furniture to have. You can move it to suit the room layout and it can be used to sit a lamp, an indoor plant or just your cup of coffee! Like the coffee table, you may want to think hard about the shape and size of the table, and try not to match it with the coffee table.

Written by Elle Vidovich.