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Wed, 31 Oct, 2018Danielle McCarthy

The $1.50 Kmart hack that will change your life in the kitchen

The $1.50 Kmart hack that will change your life in the kitchen

One of New Zealand’s all-time favourite brunch foods is the popular poached egg.

If you find it hard to recreate the perfect poached egg in your own kitchen, one savvy mother has revealed a clever hack.

The thrifty mum revealed that she has mastered the tricky technique of the poached egg by using $1.50 backing moulds from Kmart.

Sharing her trick on social media, she wrote: “Don't know if anyone has already hacked this but wanted to share anyway.”

The mum shared two photos accompany her secret trick, the first showing a pot of water with two eggs in silicone muffin cases floating inside.

The second photo revealed the end result of the surprising technique, showing two perfectly poached eggs sitting on two slices of toast with bacon and wilted spinach.

“I totally suck at mastering the poached egg…so I gave this a go – it worked a dream!”

“I put a tiny bit of cooking spray in the cup and just let some water boil over into it,” she said.

The silicone cups are available from Kmart in packs of six for $1.50.

The woman received a flood of praise for sharing her little-known secret.

One user wrote: “I need to do this! Last time I tried poached eggs, they dissolved – I literally lost the eggs! Can't wait to try this.”

Another said: “I'm the poached egg maker in my house, but they never look this round or perfectly awesome – thanks for sharing!”

One user admitted their relief that they weren’t the only person who struggled to make poached eggs.

“So it isn't just me – I am honestly so glad to hear this,” she said.

Some users also shared other tricks to perfecting poached eggs, such as adding a dash of vinegar and stirring continuously to prevent the eggs disintegrating.

What is one of your favourite kitchen hacks? Let us know in the comments below.