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Wed, 10 Jan, 2018Ben Squires

Restaurant fined $94,560 for serving food on wooden boards

Restaurant fined $94,560 for serving food on wooden boards

Gone are the days where seeing a meal brought out on a wooden board would’ve prompted a raised eyebrow, but while it might be accepted in fooderies around the world, this serving practice has seen out restaurant slugged with a hefty fine.

Ibrahim's Grill and Steakhouse in Birmingham, England, has been slapped with a whopping £50,000 ($94,560) for failing to comply with food safety requirements.  

The restaurant was reportedly visited by health inspectors after a food poising incident, and they found it the wooden serving boards were unable to be hygienically cleaned due to cracks in the surface where debris could accumulate.

"It is completely unacceptable for businesses to put the health of people eating at their restaurants at risk," said Mark Croxford, head of environmental health at Birmingham City Council.

"The owners were given sound advice which they chose to ignore. I am pleased magistrates supported our efforts with a large fine and hope advice we give on improving businesses to protect health will not be ignored in future."

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