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Sick of your dog shedding? This leotard stops exactly that

Sick of your dog shedding? This leotard stops exactly that

If you’re tired of vacuuming your dog’s fur, the guys at Shed Defender have a solution for you, although your dog is likely to be less than impressed with the outcome.

It’s a leotard that’s designed to keep your dog from shedding its fur all over the house and you can see it below.

The Shed Defender has a range of purposes that come with also looking slightly dorky, which include acting as a barrier from mud and dirt if your dog decides to roll around in the backyard as well as protecting your pup from fleas.

The leotard can also be used to replace cones around the head if your dog has recently had surgery as they will be unable to lick or bite their new wound.

As the leotard is nice and snug against the dog, it’s said to calm down dogs with anxiety and provide them with an easing effect.

If you’re worried that the leotards might be cruel for your dog, it’s made out of breathable, four way stretch eco-friendly mesh fabric and has been approved by vets.

The Shed Defender first made its appearance on Shark Tank back in 2018 and since then, the company has seen a 65 per cent growth in revenue.

The idea first came about in 2011 after the founder, Tyson Walters, struggled to find a solution to the shedding of his St. Bernard Harley.

There is a varied range of sizing starting from “mini” all the way up to “giant” with prices ranging from $72 up to $112. They ship to Australia too all the way from the US.

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