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Thu, 10 May, 2018Danielle McCarthy

A Mother’s Day poem for those who have lost their mums

A Mother’s Day poem for those who have lost their mums

Over60 community member Jenny Bush shares this poignant poem on Mother’s Day.

“I have been thinking about all the mothers out there for whom Mothers’ Day is a source of disappointment and quite often a day filled with a sense of loss and hurt. I have written this poem for those of us who miss what the special day used to mean in our lives.” – Jenny Bush

A Mothers’ Day Lament

Reflecting on Mother’s Days of yesteryear

My heart laments with a silent tear

Of the significance of what that day used to be

And the profound impact it had on me.

Cherishing time spent with my Nan and my Mum

Never dreaming that the day would eventually come

When neither were here to share the day

To feast with us and watch kids at play.

Our whole family would gather and have so much fun

Quite often on picnics – enjoying the sun.

With aunts and uncles and cousins too

But life was simple back then, it’s true.


Life now moves on at such a fast pace

And every day it seems like we are running a race.

People are so busy doing this and that

There is so little time to sit, and simply chat.

For many reasons families can be torn apart

Quite often resulting in a broken heart.

There is commercial pressure to buy Mum something new

Causing some to resort to writing an I.O.U

Many mums now spend the day alone

For some it’s a quick chat with family by phone.

And some celebrate with friends who are on their own too

While accepting that life’s ways are now all new.


I will miss my mum and my nan this Mothers’ Day

But I am so grateful for memories of the special way

We used to celebrate their love and care for us

Which was usually given with a minimum of fuss.

I am sad for the customs we seem to have lost

With the emphasis now placed on the financial cost.

Progress is great in so many ways

But oh how I sometimes miss “the good old days”.