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Fri, 25 May, 2018Melody Teh

Duchess Kate reveals “most cherished” moments with her children

Duchess Kate reveals “most cherished” moments with her children

The Duchess of Cambridge has penned an open letter about her “most cherished” moments with her family in support of Children’s Hospice Week.

Kate spoke of the importance of spending quality time with her family as she adjusts to being a mother of three following the birth of Prince Louis on April 23.

"Spending quality time together is such an important aspect of family life and for me, as a mother, it is the simple family moments like playing outside together that I cherish," she wrote.

The letter praised East Anglia's Children Hospices, which Kate has been the patron of since 2012, for the "life-changing support" they provide for children.

"They offer a lifeline to children and families facing the imaginable," she wrote.

She added: “I am touched that children and young people are sharing what they love most in life and reminding us of how precious time is for everyone.

"By supporting Children’s Hospice Week we can help them spread joy and positivity across the UK, encouraging everyone to make the most of moments that matter.”

Kate has previously opened up about being a mother, particularly about the pressure parents face to be “perfect”.

“Personally, becoming a mother has been such a rewarding and wonderful experience,” she said at a mental health film festival last year.

“However, at times it has also been a huge challenge -- even for me who has support at home that most mothers do not.

“Nothing can really prepare you for the sheer overwhelming experience of what it means to become a mother.

“There is no rule book, no right or wrong - you just have to make it up and do the very best you can to care for your family. For many mothers, myself included, this can, at times lead to lack of confidence and feelings of ignorance.”