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“Your husband must hate you”: Doctor trolled for being too attractive to do her job

“Your husband must hate you”: Doctor trolled for being too attractive to do her job

Doctor Medina Culver is intelligent, attractive and is particularly annoyed at receiving hate comments for being a “pretty woman and badass doctor”.

The physician who is based in Las Vegas posts her medical journey on her Instagram regularly in the hopes that it will help promote the profession to women.

But her efforts are not always met with kindness, with people often telling her she’s “too attractive” to possibly be smart.

Culver addressed the hateful words in an Instagram video saying that ever since she began sharing statements about “women empowerment” she’s received messages telling her that she is a “waste of time” and she should be her “husband’s property”.

Some have gone as far as telling her that her husband “must hate her”.

"You don't love your husband, you're arrogant, you're selfish" one of the criticisms read.

In response, Culver simply quipped, "women are here to stay and lead - we are partners, leaders and we are gorgeous and smart."

"Women are damn strong despite all the negative comments."

Culver also regularly shares her day-to-day life on her page, whether that’s lounging by the pool or engaging in hobbies outside of profession.

But even the appearance of her “normal life” has been met with criticism, with people regularly telling her that she’s “too pretty to be a real doctor”.

"Well thank you... pretty ambitious," she responds.

"Pretty hard-working and pretty determined to achieve my dreams."

"Pretty women can be more than pretty faces....we can also be badass doctors."

The post attracted comments from other female professionals in the medical field, with one user revealing "I've been a therapist for 10 years and I get that and you're ‘so young’ all the time."

"I get the ‘you're too young’ or straight up ‘you don't look like a doctor’,” shared another.

Culver's statements were widely applauded by her 26,000 Instagram followers, with users writing, "Here's to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them."

"No truer words! ‘Cheer each other on’ Love it," wrote one user.

"Just laugh at that crap, it's hateful and absurd. I guarantee you are fantastically inspiring to most people who follow you or come across your posts," said another.