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From drab to fab: A guide to winter fashion in your 60s

 From drab to fab: A guide to winter fashion in your 60s

Just because you’re in your golden years, doesn’t mean you have to have a boring or restricted relationship with fashion and seasonal trends.

There is a wealth of experience, emotions and styles that you have encountered throughout your life, and that should shine through your style.

If you feel like your wardrobe is in need of a pressing transformation for the upcoming season, the good news is that it is never too late to work at decluttering the drab pieces and start investing in new clothing.

With winter right around the corner, Australian women’s fashion label Black Pepper – which recently garnered attention for its successful relaunch – has introduced three new collections, perfect for those who prioritise comfort but still want to appear on-trend.

Here is what you should keep in mind when introducing winter pieces to your wardrobe:

1. Throw out the rulebook

In order to transform your wardrobe, it is important to make sure you aren’t being intimidated into buying fashion you know you won’t feel comfortable wearing. But don’t let that insecurity stop you from walking into a trendy shopping store.

Believing in a fresh approach to fashion, the Black Pepper range includes a number of classic wardrobe staples that can be worn again and again, whatever the occasion. The key to staying warm during the colder months without compromising on style is to layer. Items such as cardigans and jumpers can all serve a practical purpose while still maintaining its aesthetic.

Black Pepper understands how hard it can be for women in their golden years to find stylish pieces, so it has curated three collections – Platinum, Style and Classic – to ensure shoppers can find trendy items without compromising on comfort and functionality. The Platinum collection provides a wide range of fun pieces for special occasions.

The Platinum range also features shimmer and sparkle so that you can mix-and-match whatever materials you like to achieve a look that suits your personality no matter the dress code.

2. Get colourful

Clothing retailers will always have an endless supply of neutral colours with black and brown always considered ‘on trend’. However, although those colours are safe, if you don’t show off a little bit of colour in your outfit, it can make your wardrobe look tired.

Black Pepper isn’t only renowned for its unique fabrications but also the wide colour range it offers. Colours not only can be used to reflect your mood but can be used to make subtle nods to the current season or the theme of an event you are going to.

Experimenting with different colour and print combinations can turn the simple task of getting dressed into an exciting creativity challenge.

Don’t smother your beauty in dark colours – have fun and let your personality shine through your ensemble.

It’s easy to opt for blacks and greys during winter, but why contribute to the already gloomy atmosphere? Instead, try rocking deep violets and eye-catching prints to add a pep in your step.

Black Pepper’s Style collection has an assortment of prints, colours and layers which are perfect for those who want to look trendy but still get creative with different combinations.

3. Always wear confidence

Clinical psychologist Dr Jennifer Baumgartner said: “Our clothes help place us where we think we want to be.”

If you feel like certain items in your wardrobe don’t make you feel great, be bold and throw them away. If you have the budget, consider investing in new staple pieces that you can wear on a day-to-day basis to spice up your wardrobe.

Often, we think about saving for an outfit for a special occasion that we then neglect updating the items that we live in each day.

If your clothes help you to feel confident and self-assured, you will be able to project those feelings onto others no matter what your itinerary for the day looks like.

Black Pepper’s Classic collection is built around providing everyday pieces that exude a feminine touch, so that you can look good and be comfy all the time.

What are your tips for avoiding a boring wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below.

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