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Tue, 8 May, 2018Danielle McCarthy

6 senior beauty video bloggers you should follow

6 senior beauty video bloggers you should follow

Beauty advice and tutorials are some of the most-watched videos on YouTube, but if you thought they’re just for teens and 20-somethings, you’d be mistaken.

There are a number of talented senior beauty vloggers (video bloggers) out there with tips on how to look your best no matter what your age.

So, the next time you’re stuck on what make-up look to do for an upcoming wedding or social event, let one of these lovely ladies give you a hand.

1. Melissa55

It’s hard to believe, but self-described beauty guru Melissa is 62 years old! This Tennessee grandmother knows how to look her best without turning to surgery or Botox. Click here to visit her YouTube channel, which features hair styling tips, make-up tutorials and skincare advice.

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2. Tricia Cusden – Look Fabulous Forever

In 2013, fed up with the beauty products on offer for older women, Tricia Cudsen created her own make-up brand, Look Fabulous Forever. For the past five years, she (along with fellow over-60s beauty lovers) have been uploading their tips, tricks and tutorials to the accompanying YouTube channel, showing older women how to look their best.

3. FiftyPlusBeauty

Beth from FiftyPlusBeauty, who turns 60 next month (but you wouldn’t have guessed it by looking at her), decided to start her own YouTube channel after seeing how much other vlogger’s tutorials helped her own make-up skills. In her videos, Beth shares all the latest in anti-ageing skincare and beauty.

4. MaryEllen After 60

Since 2014, 64-year-old Mary Ellen has not only been dishing out skincare and make-up advice for mature women, but also time- and money-saving tips and DIY projects via her YouTube channel. She’s never had surgery, fillers or injectables, but still manages to look much younger than her 64 years.

5. Hot and Flashy

Angie is the 55-year-old make-up queen who looks at least 15 years younger. On her YouTube channel, she shares easy-to-follow make-up tutorials, product reviews, and skincare advice. Angie isn’t afraid to talk about her cosmetic procedures either, opening up about her experiences to her hundreds of thousands of loyal followers.

6. Uppiesbeads59

Tammy (otherwise known as uppiesbeads59) is 58 years old and fabulous. This make-up and skincare lover isn’t afraid to address the not-so-pleasant sides of ageing (facial hair anyone). She shares all things ageing, beauty and more on her YouTube channel here.