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Wife tells of horror dealing with “controlling” mother-in-law

Wife tells of horror dealing with “controlling” mother-in-law

A mother has taken to forum Mumsnet to tell of her “controlling” mother-in-law – who wakes her up if she think she is sleeping in too long and tells her what to wear.

The mum asked the mother’s forum if others thought she was being unreasonable for wanting her husband to ban his mum for going on holiday with them.

She wrote: “Holiday booked for myself, my DH (darling husband) and our DC (dear child).

“It’s our first holiday in almost three years, we are not well off and have saved for this week-long holiday in the sun. My in-laws on the other hand [are] well-off [and] go abroad two or three times a year.

“So we told my MIL (mother-in-law) that we are going away and she has decided that she may want to come with us.”

Is this the most controlling mother-in-law ever? Picture: Mumsnet

The angry mum then went on to list the ways her mum-in-law has interfered, including making them cancel their plans to hang out with her instead.

 “I know she will be ringing everyday to ask us to come to where she is staying,” she said. “She doesn’t like to eat out, doesn’t see the point in sitting on a beach, she hates when I wear clothes that show any skin (terrified of damage to skin from sun and also thinks I dress inappropriately) so I’ll have to cover up in the heat to make her shut up,” she wrote.

“We’ve been on holiday with her before and I couldn’t even decide what time to wake up! she had to tell us what was too late or too early!”

She questioned: “Am I being a b**ch for wanting my DH to politely tell her not to come?”