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I thought it was a parking fine!

I thought it was a parking fine!

When a Melbourne mother finished her shopping at her local supermarket and went to her car, she found what looked like a parking fine on her windshield.

But when she opened it she found a stranger had left an envelope with $20 and a note inside.

“I looked at the parking sign which was 1.5hours and I knew that I was less than an hour,” she posted on the Facebook group - The Kindness Pandemic.

“I picked up the envelope and looked inside to find the most beautiful act of kindness,” she added.

Alongside the $20 note was a message which read: “Times are tough right now.”

“Please treat yourself to something small to help with your or your children’s mental health. You’re not alone. Lifeline: 13 11 14.”

The mother was touched by this act of kindness and she added to her Facebook post: “Whoever you are out there: you made my day! Thank you #somuchgratitude.”

Dozens of others applauded the stranger for their genuine act of kindness with one posting: “angels do walk amongst us.”

Another person wrote: “Oh wow, this made me cry! Such a beautiful kind thing to do. Thank you to whoever put the note...this could save someone’s life.”

Melbourne COVID lockdown update

Melbourne is a little over two weeks into its sixth lockdown, which has been extended until September 2.

The city passed the ‘200 days in lockdown’ milestone on Thursday this week.

Photos: Facebook