9-month-old’s saving chance: Court order prevents hospital pulling the plug

9-month-old’s saving chance: Court order prevents hospital pulling the plug

A Texas court has allowed a family to place a temporary restraining order on a hospital wanting to take their 9-month-old baby off life support. 

Tinslee Lewis was born with congenital heart issues and has been under the care of the Cook’s Children’s Hospital for the better part of her whole young life. 

Her family is rejoicing after a court order has allowed them to buy more time to find a hospital who is willing to keep their baby on life-saving machines. 

The child was born with Ebstein Anomaly, a rare heart defect meaning there is an abnormality in the tricuspid valve. 

The disorder separates the right atrium from the right ventricle so normal blood flow cannot occur. 

In some rare cases, the disorder can cause the right atrium to swell, and even result in congestive heart failure. 

While Tinslee has already undergone numerous surgeries for the disorder, for the past several months the young infant has been kept on a ventilator. 

The doctors worry the 9-month-old baby’s health will not improve and that she is “suffering”. 

However, her family could not agree less. 

"We are a family who believes where there's just a little air, there's hope," Beverly Winston, the infant's relative, told CBS DFW. 

"Regardless of your reason, what the law is -- she deserves the chance to fight for her life, and she has a troop who will help her 100 percent and above."

Ahead of the court’s ruling, the hospital has issued a statement explaining the doctor’s conclusions. 

“Tinslee Lewis is a beautiful baby who has captured the hearts of many at Cook Children’s since her premature birth nine months ago,” a statement from the Cook Children’s hospital read, according to CBS DFW.

“In the last several months, it’s become apparent her health will never improve,” the statement continued. 

“Despite our best efforts, her condition is irreversible, meaning it will never be cured or eliminated. Without life-sustaining treatment, her condition is fatal. But more importantly, her physicians believe she is suffering.”

“To maintain the delicate balance necessary to sustain Tinslee’s life, and to prevent her from pulling out the lines that are connected to the ventilator, doctors have had to keep her constantly paralyzed and sedated.

“While Tinslee may sometimes appear alert and moving, her movements are the result of being weaned off of the paralyzing drugs. We believe Tinslee is reacting in pain when she’s not sedated and paralyzed.”

The hospital says they have reached out to nearly 20 hospitals who have all declined to accept the infant as a patient. 

Tinslee's life support was due to be switched off on the 17th of November, however a judge sided with her family with preventing from doing so. 

Another hearing is scheduled on November 22. 

“I thought that they were going to pull the plug on my baby,” Trinity Lewis, the baby’s mother, told Fox 7 Austin. 

“I didn’t think she was going to still be here today, and that’s what I’m grateful for.”