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5 tips to stay strong without leaving home

5 tips to stay strong without leaving home

Exercise is a necessity that can not only be daunting to start, but costly to invest in. As we get older, exercise can become even more crucial, with strength training helping us combat osteoporosis and sarcopenia, or the wasting of muscle, which can affect everything from our joints and bone density to metabolism and mobility.

The bestselling author and dietician has shared her tips for staying strong without leaving home. Image: Supplied

But, exercise doesn’t have to break the bank and can be done without leaving home.

To help you get started, nutritionist and bestselling author Donna Aston reveals her top 5 tips on how to stay strong without leaving home - no expensive gym memberships needed!

1. Body weight

We really don’t need any fancy, expensive gym equipment to give our muscles a great workout. Your body weight will suffice and a chair can come in handy. Body-weight squats to a chair (sit and stand), tricep dips on a chair, push-ups on the kitchen bench, plank holds on the floor .. the list is endless and super effective for strengthening muscles – anywhere, anytime.

 2. Resistance bands

Some fabric ‘booty bands’ are a small investment with great return. There are many online resistance band workout videos (AstonRX.com, Your Tube, etc.) with instruction on how to sculpt your body and activate specific muscle groups. They also serve as a great rehab tool for anyone with injuries. I always take a set with me when I travel. Consistency is key!

3. Online & Apps

The current world of advanced technology means we all have access to thousands of Apps and online video exercise instruction. And it’s not just high intensity workouts. You can find many form of home exercise, including yoga, Pilates and body weight classes, and from beginners through to advanced.

4. Use what you have

If you feel you’d like to add further resistance and variety to your body weight regime, you may be surprised what you can use as weights. When the first COVID lockdown hit, we had one client in her garage using a Seasol bottle as a kettlebell! Tinned food, bottled water, heavy books – a little imagination goes a long way!

5. Housework! 

Need some motivation for a Spring clean? Cleaning your home (vacuuming, polishing, sweeping, making beds, moving around the furniture, etc.) is actually great exercise!

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