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The $9 cleaning hack people are going crazy for

The $9 cleaning hack people are going crazy for

This $5 cleaning hack is bound to help you out when you’re tackling your household chores.

A Facebook group called Mums Who Clean have discovered a fast and easy hack to getting dirt out of lounges, tiles and bad odour out of shoes.

A member of the group shared her story, where she used Polident to clean her lounge. Polident, which retails for around $9, is a denture cleaner that has very impressive cleaning properties.

After mixing warm water and three tablets of the denture cleaner, she got to work cleaning her lounge. Once she let the solution sit on the lounge for five minutes, she scrubbed the sofa “hard” with a dishwashing brush and using a towel to absorb the dirty water.

“It has come out great,” she wrote

“Our sofa is about five or six years old and this is the first time we’ve cleaned it.”

After seeing the post, another group member decided to clean her bathroom tiles with it.

“I used the Polident whitening ones tablets, put two in a spray bottle with water,” she shared.

“The whole bathroom floor took me with 40min with toothbrush. Sure a grout brush would of quicker.”

She was very impressed with her results!

Another group member has used the product to remove the smell from stinky shoes.

“My shoes were already yellow so I had nothing to lose,” she wrote. “But after I left them to soak in Polident over night and now they are like new!”

However, this group member had to use six tablets instead of the two or three like the others had.

Many group members have been enjoying the fact that the product is not toxic and they no longer have to breathe in the chemicals while cleaning. Biome warned that the product itself isn’t completely toxin free.

“It’s not completely toxin free, but its main ingredients are bicarb soda and citric acid — which is a take on the old fashioned cleaner of bicarb and vinegar.

“Brands like White King and Exit Mould will smack you in the face with their chemical fumes, but oxygen bleach is different.

“For an even cheaper option and a 100 per cent toxin free alternative, I’d recommend mixing bicarb soda with white vinegar.”

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