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Thu, 19 Oct, 2017Ben Squires

Why people in the UK are furious with Kate Middleton's parents

Why people in the UK are furious with Kate Middleton's parents

While they might be more accustomed to their daughter being in the news, Carole and Michael Middleton have found themselves embroiled in a Halloween scandal.

Kate Middleton’s parents, who own a party company called Party Pieces, have been slammed by a recent poll for stocking costumes that are inappropriate for children.

“Duchess of Cambridge’s parents’ Party Pieces are pushing sexualized costumes for girls aged just four,” according to findings from the poll conducted by Channel Mum.

One of the costumes that has been criticised is the Midnight Mischief outfit which you can see below. It’s labelled as a kid’s costume, aimed at children aged four to six and retails for about $28 on the Party Pieces website.

Party -hero

One of the costumes in question. Image credit:

Channel Mum found 92 per cent of the parents want retailers to, “take more responsibility for the outfits they sell, with 67 percent claiming stores only care about profit.”

Channel Mum founder Siobhan Freegard added, “Stores have to be sensitive to the world around them. It’s time to realize it’s unacceptable to sell some of these outfits. Sexualizing toddlers or pushing costumes which could traumatize simply for profit is the nastiest thing about Halloween.”

Duchess Kate’s mother founded Party Pieces in 1987.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the costume goes too far?

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