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Woman dodges parking fine after writing hilarious poem to council

Woman dodges parking fine after writing hilarious poem to council

A UK woman has managed to escape a parking fine thanks to her witty poetry skills.

Jayne Parsons, 53, from Salisbury in England, was recently issued a fine after parking her car on yellow lines near her home, according to the BBC.

She knew she had a good excuse so instead of copping the fine, she decided to plead with her local council using verse.

In a rhyming letter sent to Wiltshire Council, Ms Parsons explained that she was loading her vehicle with cakes and sweets to sell at a fundraiser for her local riding club when she was struck with a “nervous tum” and needed to dash to the loo – urgently.

But we’ll let her explain the situation.

Ms Parsons wrote in her letter:

“Dear Sir, or to whom it may concern,

A parking fine I did earn.

I was parked outside my house on yellow lines,

Intending to move and dodge your fines.

But on Sunday I was loading my car

With food and cakes for a horseshow; not far

Before these events, I get a nervous tum,

For the toilet I had to run.

And with not a moment to lose,

I made it indoors to release my poos!

I couldn’t move until all was done,

But when I returned the fine was done.

I thought it better was be discreet

And leave the car parked in the street.

Next time I’ll move and not be a pain,

But if I get caught short, I’ll s*** in the drain.”

But the most stunning part of the story is not that the council let her off, but that they responded in the form of poetry, too.

“The penalty charge notice was correctly issued as the vehicle was parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours. In this instance the restriction is clearly indicated by the double yellow lines which are in effect at all times,” the council wrote.

“However, in considering people’s circumstances,

The council is often led song and dances,

It’s difficult to know the truth,

And quite often we would ask for proof,

But the photographs the officer has taken,

Shows that indeed, you had been baking,

These cakes had been loaded in your Land Rover,

On the double yellow lines it was parked over,

So on this occasion we are pleased to say,

The council accept your appeal, you do not have to pay.”

Ms Parsons told the BBC she was shocked to have “got out of the fine, even though I was parked in the wrong place”.