What title will Prince Harry's newborn daughter take?

What title will Prince Harry's newborn daughter take?

As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcomed their new daughter Lilibet into the world on Friday, royal fans are dying to know what Lilibet's official royal title will be.

The decision is up to the parents, as Meghan and Harry are likely to forgo giving her a title as this is what happened with their firstborn son Archie.

However, the royal rules state that Lilibet will be eligible to use the title of Lady, but she could decide to follow her brother's footsteps and go by "Miss" as he goes by "Master".

Meghan and Harry explained in that iconic Oprah interview that they were initially cautious about giving a title to Archie, but they found out that he wouldn't be eligible for security if he didn't take on a title.

The rules technically stipulate that Archie is eligible to use Harry's subsidiary title, the Earl of Dumbarton, but the Palace told her that they wanted to "change the convention for Archie".

Meghan was concerned about the title as she would be the first royal member of colour in the family but "wouldn't be titled in the same way as the other grandchildren would be".