Police officers act of kindness goes viral

Police officers act of kindness goes viral

A police officer has been praised for his act of kindness to a struggling family after he found a young boy walking alone in a busy supermarket car park. 

Texas cop James Riley had been working in Central West Austin, in the United States when he became aware of a young child by himself outside of a grocery store. 

The boy told Officer Riley he was there to buy snacks for his younger brother, the Austin Police explained in a lengthy Facebook post. 

“Concerned for the child's safety, Officer Riley gave him a ride home,” the post read. 

“Once inside the residence, he found out that the family was going through difficult financial times.”

The officer cautioned the young children to not leave their home without an adult, then later returned with a full trolley full of groceries and snacks. 

The items included mostly foods the young kids could snack on without having to use dangerous appliances such as a stove. 

“Please join us in commending Officer Riley for helping out a family in need,” the Facebook post said. 

Facebook users took to the comments to praise the policeman. 

“This officer's actions, both educational and financially helpful, were absolutely amazing,” one person wrote. 

“I think these kids will remember his kindness and caring for the rest of their lives and will pass that respect on to their friends. Great job Officer Riley!”

Another wrote: “His parental instincts kicked in to motion … he’s a great dad and a good officer.”

“Not only protecting the young citizens but serving God too. Well done Officer Riley!” another commented.